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y RetroXO is an element company for everything on the wave, wash, and wheels. We recognize surfers, skim boarders, skaters, and others for their independent spirit and passion which made these sports legendary. Founded by twin sisters Nadia & Olivia DeMarinis, RXO embraces the love of the sport and its inspiration over all others.


Proudly wear the RetroXO brand, representing the days when boards were hand shaped and craftsmen put soul into their work. Just like in the retro days, all of our RXO elements are handmade and are one of a kind, giving repurposed material new life. Every piece of material we use has a story behind it. NO TWO CREATIONS ARE ALIKE! Just like you, RXO is 100% unique and a little odd.


Surf, Skim, and Skate on, my friend.


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xB Co-founders Nadia & Olivia DeMarinis

The greater the passion the longer the ride





We want mad athletes like you on our team. If your passion is surfing, skimboarding, skating or any other xtreme sport obsession, let us know. Check back often to discover opportunities for sponsorship and free giveaway contest. Subscribe and keep us in your loop and we'll hook you up.


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